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Friday, July 1, 2016

Ep. 17 - The Kingdom of Sweden [II]

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Hello and welcome to The Rob Burgess Show. I am, of course, your host, Rob Burgess.
On this, our 17th episode, our guest is The Kingdom of Sweden.
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Back to today's show.
You first heard from this Scandinavian country on Episode 6 of the podcast. On that episode, I took advantage of a new program called The Swedish Number to call randomly selected Swedes for almost three hours. For more on this program, pause this episode and go back and listen to that episode.
It had been an eventful 10 weeks since the last time I spoke to Sweden, and I decided to call back.
I was shocked. I hadn't considered the fact that the window had closed. So, I decided to call the Swedish Tourist Association, who had introduced the Swedish Number in the first place. I found the phone number of Jenny Engström, their communications manager, and dialed it to find out what was going on.
Two hours later, I called back. On a side note, I incorrectly told Jenny the previous Swedish episode was Episode 4 instead of Episode 6. And to my great shame I cited the wrong Bruce Willis movie. It was “The Fifth Element,” not “Die Hard.” My apologies.

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