Saturday, September 3, 2016

Regular guest: Ash Burgess

Ash Burgess has a dusty degree in Religious Studies, an obsession with pineapples and an appetite for both high and low culture. She cuts her own hair, bakes her own sourdough bread and spends most of her time at home with her young son. Sometimes, she blogs at are the episodes of the podcast on which Ash has been a guest. Click the links for each to listen:
Ep. 16 - Ash Burgess
Ep. 26 - Ash Burgess [II] 
Ep. 27 - Ash Burgess [III]
Ep. 39 - Ash Burgess [IV]
Ep. 58 - Ash Burgess [V] 
Ep. 63 - Ash Burgess [VI] 
Ep. 77 - Ash Burgess [VII] 
Ep. 82 - Ash Burgess and Jonathan Fowler 
Ep. 86 - Ash Burgess [VIII]

And here's a YouTube playlist of all the episodes featuring Ash Burgess:


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