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Friday, February 10, 2017

Regular guest: Mallory Willits Gakpo

Mallory Willits Gakpo is a student at the Indiana University School of Social Work who is currently pursing her master's degree. Mallory has spent the past two years as a Beginning Social Worker at Fairbanks Substance Abuse Hospital and Adult and Child Mental Health Center. Mallory chose her journey in social work due to her natural ability to talk to people therapeutically and her love for helping others. She thoroughly believes in the power of traveling and lives by the saying, "Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul." She has traveled quite a bit of the world, which gave her the opportunity to go to Ghana, where she met her husband, Wisdom.

Here are the episodes of the podcast on which Mallory has been a guest. Click the links for each to listen:

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Episode 47 - Mallory Willits [II]
Episode 90 - Mallory Willits Gakpo [III]

And here is a YouTube playlist of all the episodes featuring Mallory Willits:

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