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Friday, November 26, 2021

Ep. 206 - Howie Statland


Hello and welcome to The Rob Burgess Show. I am, of course, your host, Rob Burgess.
On this our 206th episode, our guest is Howie Statland.
Here is how he describes himself and his store, Rivington Guitars:

 “This year we are celebrating 23 years of business – 23 years of finding guitar players the guitar of their dreams. Located at 73 E. 4th St., our store is right in the heart of the East Village of Manhattan. We like to keep our prices low and our customers delighted. We buy, sell, trade and repair all vintage guitars, amps, keyboards and more. Our expert repair shop features quick, reasonable prices and reliable service. Since we opened in 1998, Rivington Guitars has come to be known as 'The Best Little Guitar Store in New York City,' and this is a reputation we have earned. Rivington Guitars specializes in vintage guitars, and we know vintage guitars. It’s what we do best. We have over 350 vintage guitars in stock at all times -- Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Martin, Rickenbacker, Silvertone and Harmony as well as many other more unusual brands. Owner and proprietor Howie Statland is a featured survey participant for the 'Vintage Guitar Price Guide.' He is one of 25 select guitar dealers throughout the USA who helps determine the values set forth in the 'Vintage Guitar Price Guide.' He has been dealing guitars for over 20 years. A list of some of our satisfied clients include Paul Simon, The Killers, The Strokes, Courtney Love and Hole, Elvis Costello, Jeff Tweedy and Wilco, The Black Keys, Cults, Green Day, Arcade Fire, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Vampire Weekend, Motley Crue, Jonathan Richman, Mumford & Sons, J Mascis and Dinosaur Jr., the Smashing Pumpkins, Norah Jones, Peter Bjorn and John and many other local New York City working musicians. Our store began in 1998 on Rivington Street, hence our name, and expanded to a larger location on East 4th Street in 2008. We have since opened an acoustic store called Rivington Guitars Unplugged on the same street as our main store. Besides selling fine vintage guitars, we also offer guitar lessons at affordable rates, rental services and appraisal services. Our website is updated daily and all our inventory is on our website. There is always something new at Rivington Guitars, so come in today.”

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